Bison and Elk

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Bison meat is lower in cholesterol than beef, pork and chicken while higher in protein. And good news for you weight watchers, Bison has fewer calories. You do need to be careful when cooking. The low fat content of Bison means the meat has several advantages we learn about in the tip below.

And a tip from the Western Bison Association, “The adage that “We are what we eat” makes buffalo meat a healthy choice for the good life. The meat is rich in flavor in a subtle way; most notable if you eat buffalo for several weeks and then go back to eating beef; that is when you realize the sweeter flavor. Because of the low fat content one must cook bison at a lower temperature to not overcook. This lean meat will not shrink when cooked which also gives the consumer more value.”

To Quote Dave Carter, “Americans are increasingly discovering a direct connection between the quality of their diet and the quality of their life. The growing interest in high quality food is enticing more consumers to take their first bite of deliciously healthy bison meat.”

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Bison Franks$16:00/lb.
Elk Italian Brats$16:00/lb.
Bison/Elk Steak Patties$15.00/lb.
Bison/Elk Sirloin Steaks$25.00/lb.
Bison/Elk T Bone Steaks$30.00/lb.
Bison/Elk Rib Eye Steaks$30.00/lb.
Bison/Elk New York Strip Steaks$30.00/lb.
Bison/Elk Filet Steaks$45.00/lb.
Bison/Elk Whole Loins$45.00/lb.
Elk or Bison Sticks$18.00/8 oz. pack

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Elk – Rolled Rump Roast

Bison, Sirloin, Tip Roast, Top Round Roast, Eye of Round Roast, Brisket

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