A little bit about me:

I have been raising beef cattle since 1984 on my central Illinois farm located near Roanoke, Illinois. The same family farm where I was born in 1950. We have raised corn, soybeans, and alfalfa but working with livestock is where I have found the most pleasure in farming. I love the outdoors – the sounds, the smells, and most importantly the people. In this life, farming is as close as we can get to Heaven on Earth.

Being health conscious like many of you folks my cattle enterprise is hormone and nearly all antibiotic free. The mostly angus and angus cross beef are corn fed, humanely raised and harvested at a local highly respectable, USDA inspected locker After the beef is cut and processed it is dry aged for 10-14 days then immediately frozen; all without any additives, flavor enhancers, or preservatives.

My products include

  1. gourmet beef patties 87% and 90%* lean
  2. organically seasoned steaks, beef sticks and spicy jerky.
  3. Bison or Elk; steaks, steak patties and roasts.
  4. Lamb; ground chops, racks, ½ legs roasts and stew meat
  5. Venison: ground, roasts, steaks and brats.
  6. Goat on request

* (only rump, round, and sirloin tip)

More info: Gourmet Beef and Steaks| Bison/Elk| Lamb

If you would like to know more about our fine beef products please feel free to to browse and pick the gourmet meat you like the best. If you get lost please check out our sitemap. If you have questions about Wiegand Steaks please use our contact form.

Thank you for visiting the wiegandsteaks.com website and I hope we can do some business together soon!

John Wiegand

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